How To Terminate An Employee Charged With A Criminal Offense

In each instance, the laying of criminal charge alone is not merely a cause (dismissal without notice). The labour lawyer Toronto must demonstrate that there is some link between the charge & the employer to summarily reject a worker which charged with criminal offense. The person must demonstrate this in this respect:

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  • Employee behaviour is detrimental to the reputation or product of the employer ;
  • The behaviour of the worker makes it impossible for the worker to fulfill his responsibilities satisfactorily ;
  • The behaviour of the employee leads to the other staff being refused, reluctant or unable to work with him ;
  • The worker was guilty of a severe infringement of the Criminal Code, thereby harming the overall reputation of the employer & his staff ;
  • The burden places difficulties in the manner employers perform their role of handling their work effectively and effectively directing their workforce.

Concerning these variables, the only cause will be simpler to maintain if the charge was linked to conduct while at the job. Recognize Murphy v. Canadian Tire Corporation of (1991), C.C.E.L. 205 (Ont. General. Div.),where the worker Ms. Murphy, allowed customers to leave store without proper merchandise payment. She was charged with fraud afterward. The tribunal ruled that, based on the reality that the supposed fraud in the course of Murphy’s job justified her termination, the employer, Canadian Tire, had made her defense of just cause.

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On the other hand, if the charge is linked to off-duty behaviour, it will be harder to maintain just because of it. Consider Merritt one against Tigercat Industries, ONSC 1214 which charged a worker with a sexual attack on minors. The criminal charge was also not related to the employment of the employee Mr. Merritt of labour lawyer Toronto and didn’t involve other workers. The tribunal ruled that Tigercat, the employer, had failed to prove just cause. The tribunal argued that there was no proof of harm to Tigercat’s reputation, or prospective harm.

Simultaneously, where a criminal charge relates to off-duty behavior, but the employer has proof of damage to his company, the only cause is defensible. For example, the worker, Mr. Kelly, has been charged with possession of child pornography in Kelly Linamar Corp., 2005 CanLII 42487, The arrest was later notoriously published in the local media. The tribunal ruled that there was only cause for the employer, Linamar. The tribunal discovered that Linamar had the right to take appropriate measures to safeguard his reputation, & Mr. Kelly’s termination was just such a move.

What about the human rights of the employee?

In Ontario, because of “record of offenses,” the Human Rights Code ban discrimination in jobs. “Record of offenses” is described in s. 10 of the Human Rights Code like a crime for “(a) an offense in regard of which a pardon will given under the Criminal Records Law (Canada) & has not be revoked, or (b) an offense in respect of any provincial implementation.” Accordingly, the Human Rights Code will not apply where employees of labour lawyer Toronto are simply “charged” with a criminal act.

Hire the Most Reputable Employment Lawyers in Toronto

Many people might wonder whether there is any need to hire an employment lawyer. According to a study, it has been stated that one needs the services of an attorney in one or other aspects of life. For instance, one might need the services of a criminal attorney for fighting a criminal charge. Thus, it can be said that lawyers can be of great help in order to deal with the disputes.

Employer and Employee Both Need the Service of a Lawyer

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you would be requiring the services of an employment attorney. After all, some employment issues might require the services of a legal expert. This is when seeking the services of an employment attorney becomes important. An employment attorney being highly knowledgeable can provide right guidance to the employee or the employer for the issue.

Employment Attorney Is a Necessity

There always remains a huge chance of a discord between employees and employers. Often, the strife needs to be settled in employment courts. For instance, if an employee feels that they are being subjected to harassment or discrimination, action can be taken against it. Any employment lawyer will tell you that there is a law in order to remain protected from such action.

In fact, employment attorneys can deal with any kind of issues or workplace conflict. They can go through the situation and discuss the available solution. For instance, they can check if an employee has been wrongly terminated or not. If a person is terminated for the wrong reason, the attorney will make sure that their client receives the best package.employment lawyer

Similarly, an employment attorney can be of great help for employers also. They can go through the employment contracts so that it kept up to date as per the legal policies. Moreover, the attorney can make sure right strategies are in place so that the company doesn’t face any legal hassles. Hence, one needs the services of an employment attorney for various reasons.employment lawyerHow to Hire the Reputed Attorney?

Whatever might be the reason behind your need to hire an employment lawyer, you need to be very careful. With the help of some valuable tips, you will be able to get in touch with the right attorney for the job.employment lawyer

  • Ask Referrals

You can definitely talk to your friends, who might have faced some problems at their workplace. They can recommend lawyers with whom they have worked.

  • Research

One can also conduct a thorough research on the net in order to find about the reputed employment lawyer in town. Whether the lawyer is reputed or not can be easily understood by checking the reviews of the previous customers.

  • Associations

Reputed attorneys are associated with some lawyers bar association. Checking their site and asking for recommendation might help one to get in touch with a good attorney.employment lawyer

It can be said that in order to deal with any kind of workplace issues, an employment lawyer can be the best support. Being well-versed in this field, they can easily provide the best solution for dealing with the situation.

Toronto Immigration Lawyers Can Get Your Family Immigration Processed

You have immigrated to Canada. You want your family members to come down to Canada. But you may not have proper idea about the immigration program through which you can bring them to Canada. This is when you should take the help of Toronto immigration lawyers. When you consult an immigration lawyer, you will come to know about the best immigration programs available for your family members.

How Lawyers Can Help You?

The Canadian government openheartedly welcomes immigrants to Canada. In fact, the Canadian government offers a number of programs for the immigrants through which they can bring their family members. For a common person, it is impossible to know about the various programs. So when one consults an immigration attorney they can help the immigrants by educating them about various programs.

One such program through which families can settle in Canada is Family Class Sponsorship. This kind of program helps families to settle with the immigrants in Canada. In fact, through this program, spouses to parents, grandparents to children are entitled for this program. Hence, an immigration lawyer can help permanent Canadian citizens to understand this program. In simple words, it can be said that Toronto immigration lawyers can help the immigrants with the entire processing of applications made through family reunification programs.

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Family Class Sponsorship Programs

Family Class Sponsorship Program is one of the most liberal family reunification programs. Under this program, Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their relatives or family members. The family members one immigrating to Canada can become permanent residents and can work or study in Canada.

Help with Basic Facts

If you want to unite with your family members, you can also apply for Family Sponsorship Immigration. However, before going for it, you need to know the eligibility criteria. Basically, in order to sponsor an immigrant one needs to be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident above 18 years of age. In fact, Toronto immigration lawyers makes it clear to the sponsor that in order to qualify for the program and make the immigration process smooth, one needs to meet certain criteria. They are:

  • They will be able to provide basic needs to the family members.immigration lawyer toronto
  • They can support family members and relatives financially so that they don’t need any kind of financial aid from the government.

Toronto immigration lawyers in order to make the immigration process smooth and fine can help in the following ways.

  • Filing Application and Attaching Documents

The immigration attorney will help in filing the application so that it is without any error. They will also see to it that all necessary documents are attached. Both these things are necessary as without them an application might get rejected or delayed.

  • Represent You

The immigration attorney will represent you in court and prove that you can support your family members. This can further help in processing the application smoothly.

Once the application under family class program is filed, Toronto immigration lawyers will ensure that your application is processed quickly. It will help family members to settle smoothly. Read here why is it beneficial to hire an immigration lawyer in Toronto.

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DUI Lawyer in Toronto Can Reduce Your Charges

A Driving under the Influence (DUI) charge is considered to be a serious offence. It can be very scary. After all, it can lead to losing your license or the right to drive in Toronto. Along with that you can also face serious punishments, such as huge fine and even imprisonment. Most importantly, DUI convictions can affect the life of a person in a negative manner. So if you have been charged with DUI, you should immediately take the help of a talented DUI lawyer in Toronto, in order to get help with your case.

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Taking the Help of a Lawyer Is Very Important

Many people when charged with a DUI take the whole matter very lightly. For example, some people in order to save some bucks think of fighting the case on their own. But if one thinks that the matter is very simple, it isn’t so. Often, a DUI condemnation can have a serious effect on current or future jobs. Moreover, if a person doesn’t know about the intricacies of the law very well, it can lead to losing a case and landing up in jail.

So try to make sure that you have a good DUI lawyer by your side. The lawyer can avoid you to get convicted of a crime that you haven’t committed. Moreover, a good DUI lawyer in Toronto will do his/her best to reduce the charges and penalties of a convicted person.

Can A Lawyer Help to Reduce The Charges?

Well, whenever a person is charged of a DUI offense, the first question that question that comes to their mind is whether DUI charges can be reduced or not. Although DUI charges are referred to as ‘open and shut’ case, in fact, an experienced DUI lawyer can help to reduce the charges. They can even help in the dismissal of charges.

criminal lawyer Toronto because of their vast years of experience knows the exact ways through which the charges can be reduced or even dismisses. Basically, they know the proper way to handle the legal system, so that it works in favor of the client. Thus, provides clients with the best possible results.

How They Can Help You?

Evaluate the Case: A trained DUI lawyer will judge the case and consider whether there is a chance to win the case. If the charge can’t be proven beyond reasonable doubt, they can get the case dismissed.toronto dui lawyer

Plea Bargain: Based on the severity of the case, an experienced DUI lawyer in Toronto can help with a plea bargain. For first time offenders, the DUI lawyer can ask the prosecutor to reduce the charge. For other cases, they can get a DUI charge reduced to reckless driving.

Comprehensive Argument: A DUI attorney can come up with an extensive argument if the charges can be reduced for a case. Basically, by outlining the weakness of the case and facts associated with it.

Hiring a DUI lawyer in Toronto can improve the chance of a DUI charge getting reduced. They will work with the prosecutor so that their clients get less punishment and get a chance to lead a good life.